Toiles Molift Easy de Etac

XSmall : 16.03281
Small : 16.0328
Medium : 16.0329
Large : 16.0330
XLarge : 16.0331
Toiles Molift Easy pour lève-personnes.

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Etac Molift Easy sling is an all-round sling that fits most users and lifting situations in homecare and institutional environments.

Anatomical shape makes the difference!
Molift Easy Sling has an anatomical shape and a fitted cut with fixed padding both in the back and leg parts. The anatomic design allows for the natural curvature of the spine and stops the user from sliding. In combination with the balanced weight distribution, this helps make lifting comfortable.

Unique sliding loop function
The unique sliding loop function in the shoulder straps, balances the weight distribution in every moment of the lift, making it very comfortable to lift from a lying to a sitting position and vice versa, without external angle adjustment.

Many options
The slings are available with and without head support.

Unique leg support
The padded leg support with the unique placement of the strap, distributing the pressure on the thigh and thereby increasing the comfort.

Technical facts

Size    Regular    Head support
XXS    3025050     3006050
XS     3025000     3026000
S       3025100     3026100
M      3025200     3026200
L      3025300     3026300
XL     3025400     3026400
XXL     3025500    3026500

Recommended user weight
Size     kg      lbs
XXS    12–17    26–37
XS     17–25    37–55
S      25–50    55–110
M      45–95    99–210
L      90–160    198–353
XL    160–240    353–529
XXL    230–300    507–660

Polyamide(cordura), polyester,
polyester foam


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