Sous-vêtement absorbant jetable pour le jour Premium Tranquility

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Ces couches pour adultes offre une protection supérieure , même pour les styles de vie plus actif . Ces couches d’adultes absorbantes offrent une protection et une absorption exceptionnelle . En tant que premier fabricant de couches pour adultes et fournitures pour incontinence, elle garantit la performance de leurs produits pour assurer la confiance et le confort tout en engageant des activités de jour .

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Tranquility’s Premium DayTime Disposable Absorbent  adult diapers provides superior protection for even the most active lifestyle. These extra absorbent adult diapers offer outstanding protection and absorption. As a leading manufacturer of adult diapers and incontinence supplies, Tranquility guarantees their product’s performance to ensure confidence and comfort while engaging in daytime activities.

Tranquility’s Premium Daytime Disposable Underwear provides hours of comfort and protection, unmatched by other adult diapers. The Premium Daytime Disposable Underwear features a full-rise waist panel for a custom fit. These adult diapers are constructed with a breathable, cloth-like outer layer. Soft, elastic leg gathers keep the disposable underwear in place under the most strenuous activities. Kufguards®, inner leg cuffs are designed to channel liquid, help to contain high volume urge episodes and bowel incontinence and provide excellent leakage protection during active daytime hours. The technology behind this absorbent adult diaper is Tranquility’s patented Peach Mat Construction, a unique blend of fast-acting and extra-absorbent polymers that can handle even the heaviest incontinence episodes. The Peach Mat Construction will keep the skin dry and prevent the damaging effects of moisture while reducing odor and neutralizing urine ph.  The contoured Peach Mat core gives a natural, comfortable fit that forms to the body.

Premium DayTime adult diapers are available in four sizes and will fit from 120 lbs. to over 250 lbs. At maximum capacity, these adult diapers will hold almost a quart of liquid, providing the wearer with the needed confidence to lead a normal, independent and active lifestyle. Tear-away side seams allow for easy removal and disposal. 


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