Fauteuil inclinable 3 positions Jordan

Fauteuil inclinable 3 positions Jordan

This mechanism provides the standard 3 positions as well as the additional Trendelenberg position: full recline with the footrest fully extended, seat-back angle remains 125 degrees, but the back is now 65 degrees from vertical – resulting in the feet being above the head.

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We asked caregiving professionals and leading healthcare designers how we could build a better recliner, and the result is a product that has some unique solutions to very real and practical needs. We learned how hard it is for nurses to move these big, heavy chairs – so we made it lighter, and designed an ergonomic push bar as a standard feature to ease back strain. We learned that some recliners ordered without casters can cause problems, so we made soft-wheel, swivel, easy-to-lock casters a standard feature. And we designed the Jordan Recliner so that virtually every component can be field-replaced, because these chairs go through so much use and abuse. Where other manufacturers talk about the long life of their products, we have taken this to a new level by truly allowing you to extend the chair’s life, and make it « good as new » when it is damaged, or just worn out.

We’ve paid extraordinary attention to patient comfort: generous multi-density foam contoured to reduce muscle strain and fatigue during long periods of sitting or reclining.
Jordan features a proprietary anti-microbial finish, which actively resists the growth of germs, microbes and bacteria. These anti-microbial properties, combined with the exceptional strength, marring and chemical resistance of Krug’s Enduraguard
finish system, provide a wood surface coating that is uniquely suited to the demands of a healthcare environment.
Replaceable seats and backs, as well as replaceable seat and back covers, and a full range of other replacement components
– all designed to be quickly field-installed
– allow damaged and degraded components and materials to be easily restored at
low cost.
Jordan has been constructed to withstand the rigors of healthcare environments, and has been extensively tested to levels that well exceed established industry standards. Krug stands behind this collection with a Lifetime Warranty.

Two Mechanism Options
Structural Steel Seat Frame
Field-Replaceable Upholster y
Field-Replaceable Components
Antimicrobial Finish
Wood Arm With Urethane Cap
Life Time Warranty

W 2 9 . 5 ” Width
D 3 5 ” Depth
H 4 5 . 5 ” Height
SH 1 9 . 5 ” Seat Height from floor
AH 2 8 . 2 5 ” Ar m Height from floor
WA 2 3 ” Width between Arms
SD 2 1 ” Seat Depth

COM YD. SEAT – 0.9
COM YD. BACK – 2.5

The tablet’s size is 18” x 14” 3/4”, and it can be
located on either side of the recliner. It is available
in Beech and Maple veneer, as well as plastic
laminate with a PVC edge. It folds flat (protruding
3” from the side of the recliner when flat).

This is a standard feature on the Jordan recliner,
ergonomically designed to assist caregiving staff
in the movement and operation of the recliner, and
reduce back strain on the caregiver.

The Jordan IV pole is height adjustable, and can
be added in the field. It can be located in any of
four locations (left or right, front or back) – if
ordered with the recliner, the location must be
specified at time of order.

Standard on Jordan recliner are (4) 4’ diameter
soft wheel swivel locking casters. The caster is
locked both directionally and rotationally, keeping
the recliner secure when locked.

The optional arm cap provides enhanced durability
and protection for the arms. It is field replaceable
if it becomes damaged or degraded.


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