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The Dependa-Bar™ is a revolutionary combination of standard wall mounted grab bar, with the well proven benefits of the SuperBar™ for movable support. Designed for bathrooms and other environments where grab bars are found.

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DB-18-PCW (Stainless steel, white)
DB-18-SK (Stainless steel)

Pivoting & Locking Technology
Dependa-Bar™ locks every 45° (5 positions), providing a support rail that moves with user.

Ease of Installation
Mounts securely to structural studs behind bathtub wall of any construction (fiberglass, plastic, tile wall, etc.).

Bottom grab bar can be mounted for either left or right side applications.

Can be installed in the bathtub or beside the toilet.

Water Resistant
Stainless steel construction provides an easy to clean, durable grab rail that can be safely exposed to water.

ADA Compliant
Fixed horizontal grab bar (1.25” dia) has 1.50” clearance from wall. When locked against the wall, the Dependa-Bar™ is aligned with the fixed horizontal grab bar.

Pivot Rail
1.25″/3.2cm grip diameter, Stainless steel construction.

Pivot Rail Height
33″/84cm vertical rail height.

Pivot Rail Length
“P” shaped dual rail extends 20”/51cm length from bathtub wall (5″/13cm spacing between horizontal rails). Locks every 45° (5 positions).

Horizontal Grab Bar
1.25″/3.2cm grip diameter. 1.50″/3.8cm clearance from wall (ADA compliant). Height adjustable at time of installation, typically 4″/10cm from top of bathtub surface. Stainless steel construction.

Horizontal Grab Bar Lengths
18″/46cm (accomodates standard stud spacing of 16″ from center to center)

Stainless steel constructions.

• Anti-Microbial powder coat white gloss finish
• Knurled

Weight Capacity


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